Transfer Printing

2 types of transfer printing for you to choose from


Through using an industrial heat press, we can truly create wonderful results with transfer printing. Both Transfer printing methods are perfect for low quantities and no set-up fees.


What are the two types of transfer printing?

There are two distinct types of transfer printing. The first, is for non-detailed styles of 1-2 colours only. It takes advantage of petite utensils to slice a design in to a fabric transfer film that is referred to as vinyl. Upon finishing the cutting process, the extra bits of material are seeded out til only your chosen artwork and designs remain. The transferred design is then adhered to the fabric using a heat press. 

The second method, is known to be used for more detailed and sophisticated designs. It requires that the entirety of your design be printed directly and cut on the machine before heat is applied. This method is perfect for gradients and complex colour combinations. 


Useful Info

Read some useful information about Transfer Printing. 

Enjoy a super low order minimum requirement. With this flexibility, you can choose to order as many prints do as you like. A great example of transfer printed products are Sports Jerseys which show a number transfer printed on the back. 

We can help you meet even the strictest of deadlines. Our high quality machines have what it takes to create your order at the last minute or in advance. You can maintain this freedom with absolutely no additional cost. By combining the dynamic nature of transfer printing with our expertise, we are truly capable of delivering results above and beyond your expectations.

Let us help you create your team prints in no time. Whether you have an idea in mind or want us to help you select an appropriate style, we can help. Have a look below at some of the materials transfer printing services are suitable for:

● Cotton

● Nylon

● Polyester


  • Perfect for low quantity orders

  • Full colour photo prints 

  • Multi-coloured styles 

  • Versatile and flexible design placement on fabric 

  • Large quantities can be expensive

  • Works best on light coloured shirts

  • Not suitable for ironing


For any questions into pricing and process, contact us directly.

For any questions into pricing and process, contact us directly.