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Screen printing has become somewhat of a world wide phenomena. However, very few companies understand the subtle nuances that go into printing the perfect tee. Our company has perfected the process and stands as an industry leader in the art of screen printing.

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What Makes The Perfect Screen Printed T-shirt?

For us, that’s an obvious answer. The perfect screen printed t-shirt is made from a combination of experienced team members, quality equipment, world-class processes, a detailed quality assurance team and a passion for the art of screen printing.


Cost Effective On Larger Orders

Screen printing is known to be extremely cost effective when it comes to large order quantities. The larger the order, the lower the cost per t-shirt will become. For you, the customer, this means you can leverage higher quantities to increase your savings or profit margin for resell, the choice is yours.

High Quality On-Site Facilities

All of our printing is done in-house with our own machines. This means we are able to keep a stringent watch over our quality control. By ensuring that our customers are always 100% satisfied, we have built a solid reputation our customers enjoy. 

How Does Screen Printing Work?

Also known as silkscreen printing, it works by transferring an image onto fabric through the use of a stencil and ultra-fine mesh. By using one colour at a time, screen printing can produce elaborate multicoloured prints that take on an extremely detailed finish.

Perfect for multiple fabric types: Screen printing is not just good for t-shirts. It can also be utilized for other garments as well. 

Multi-colour options: We can produce extremely detailed multi colour prints for your needs.

Low MOQ:Only a minimum of 50 shirts required to place an order.

Fast Turn Around: Orders can be produced with a minimum lead time and developed rapidly to meet your deadlines


Screen Printing Offers Something For Everyone. 



  • Long lasting durability 
  • Rich & deep colours
  • Great for detailed imagery 
  • Perfect for large quantities


  • Not suitable for plastic fabric options
  • Will not work well with padded garments 
  • Lengthy set up time 

Don't miss out on your chance to get your quality screen printed garments today.